Inground Pool Features to Consider

West Michigan Inground Pool Features

Inground Pool Features to Consider

If you are considering building a custom pool in West Michigan, or already have one at your home, consider these inground pool features to upgrade the fun and playful moments at your home.

Pools can be utilized as an entertaining space, a place to exercise, or just a place to relax your mind, body, and soul. If you want to turn your inground pool into the ultimate experience, then there are some inground pool features that you should know about. Here are some of our recommendations that will make you love your inground pool even more.


This pool feature is both decorative and functional. It helps the pool water to flow and avoid calcium to build up or create corrosion. And of course, it’s aesthetically pleasing to see the water spilling out from a fountain or a spa.

Seating Areas

The swim-up seating feature can add to the pool experience as you and your guests can have a break while enjoying the water. Enjoy a cold beverage on a hot day and sit and relax on the swim-up seats.

Led Lights

Enjoying your pool at night can be a whole different experience. And you can upgrade those night swims or the evenings spent by the pool with led lights. Combine different colors and give your pool experience a relaxing and magical vibe.

Fire Pit

This feature can enhance and create a more zen experience by the pool. You can warm up after a night swim, make the place feel cozier, or use it as a meditation tool. Installing a fire pit next to your inground pool will definitely improve the quality of your swimming time, and the moments you spend relaxing by the pool.


Having a hot tub or spa is definitely a great feature to incorporate into your inground pool. This way, you can create a spa experience in the comfort of your home. It can help you relax both your mind and your body, ease tension, and relax your muscles.

Automatic Cover

While this can be very functional in case of storms or bad weather, having an automatic cover is also a safety feature you can include in your inground pool. This is especially recommended if you have children and/or pets. The pool cover also saves water and energy, by containing overflow and keeping heated pools at a steady temperature.

Tanning Ledge

With this feature, you do not have to leave the water to enjoy the sun. You can have a separate area that can also work as a pool for kids, have your tanning chair there and enjoy a relaxing moment in the sun.

West Michigan Inground Swimming Pool Builder

What makes these features even more amazing is that they can be adjusted to your needs and preferences and reflect your style and personality, as well as what is practical and functional.

If you are considering building an inground pool in West Michigan, or already have one, check out what Polynesian Pool & Spa can do for you. We design custom pools with the best inground pool features that are sure to make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us here or call our store directly at (616) 363-4161.

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