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Our trusted and knowledgeable pool service technicians have the experience to keep your pool or spa operating trouble-free. From pool liner replacements to spa maintenance, the professionals at Polynesian have the equipment, parts and know-how to keep your pool or spa functioning at its best!

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Restore Your Inground Pool

Swimming Pool Restoration

If your once beautiful, new in ground swimming pool is starting to look a bit worn out, please contact us to inquire about our wonderful swimming pool restoration services. Remember the very first day your in ground swimming pool was installed? It looked so picturesque sitting in your backyard, everything was shiny and new, and the water looked so inviting.

Unfortunately, over time, that new swimming pool might suffer some wear and tear. This is where our team of experts at Polynesian Pool & Spa come in. We have over twenty years of experience with in ground swimming pool restoration and we would love to help you get that “good as new” look again for your investment.

Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Replacement Pool Liners

When it comes time to replace your vinyl in ground swimming pool liner, you may be asking yourself a few questions. How important is the liner pattern? The length of the warranty? The thickness of the vinyl liner material? The brand I choose?

In reality, the most important decision you can make about your new swimming pool liner is, “Will the company I hire stand behind my purchase for many years to come?” If you hire someone who misses even one measurement, you could spend the next 15 years looking at wrinkles in your swimming pool. If you purchase a vinyl liner from a company who won’t be around in a few years , you will have no advocate to make sure your warranty is treated fairly in case there is ever a problem.

With over 40 years in the swimming pool industry, Polynesian Pool & Spa is here to stay. We stand behind our service and product throughout the years. We make sure to “get things right” the first time, saving you money and headaches down the road. Please contact our Grand Rapids store today to receive a quote on your beautiful, new, vinyl in ground swimming pool liner!

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Replacement Swimming Pool Liners Grand Rapids, MI
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Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Inground Pool Service

Pool Openings

A standard in ground swimming pool opening includes: Removal and cleanup of swimming pool cover, removal of winterizing plugs, re-installation of diving boards, and safety checks of all underwater lights, ladders, grab rails, equipment plug gauges and fasteners. The equipment system will be inspected and started, if possible. Water will be tested and we will advise treatment.

Pool Closings

A standard in ground swimming pool closing includes: Eliminating water from the plumbing lines, adding winterizing chemicals and non-toxic antifreeze to the system, and installing customer supplied plugs. We will also be emptying and winterizing all equipment. We will also perform the removal of any ladders, grab rails, diving boards, and underwater lighting. Lastly, we will install the customer supplied cover over pool.

* Please note the customer responsibilities BEFORE we arrive to close the pool:

  • Vacuumed and cleaned of debris
  • Water must be chemically balanced
  • Water must be lowered to 1″ below lowest return** (unless you have the duck plug system)
  • Solar cover removed
  • Cover, attachments, and all plugs must be accessible

** If upon arrival water level has not been lowered to 1″ below the returns, there will be a $75.00 return trip fee in addition to the closing fee.

Skilled Spa Technicians

Hot Tub Service

Polynesian Pool & Spa is proud to provide Grand Rapids with the best hot tub service technicians around, who will service all of your spa and hot tub needs! Our technicians have a combined 50+ years in the hot tub service industry. We specialize in many makes and models of hot tubs including: Destiny River, Cyanna Valley, Catalina, Dynasty, Emerald, Viking, and Polynesian.

Our service department uses elevated service racks that allow us to wet test and diagnose any issue your hot tub might suffer. Repairs are made locally, easily and affordable to you. We also have a bench test station that allows us to test and diagnose your power pack, eliminating the need for service calls to your home, or transporting the entire hot tub to us.

Polynesian Pool’s hot tub parts inventory is one of the largest and most diverse in the area. Looking for that hard to find control? Need replacement jet inserts? New Ozonator? We can ship coast to coast!

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